Common Questions

Common Questions
Do I need counselling?
No matter what your circumstances may be, everyone experiences challenges in life. No doubt you have successfully met many of life's difficulties on your own or with the help of family or friends. There is nothing wrong seeking support when you need it. Actually, it demonstrates strength and self-awareness to recognize you may need a new perspective. Therapy provides support and new tools to overcome life's difficulties.

How can counselling help me?
Clients seek counselling for a variety of reasons. Research indicates that "talk therapy" can help many people. While some clients may seek assistance for relief from stress, anxiety, depression or relationship concerns, others may wish to explore personal growth issues or accomplish specific goals. Either way, counselling provides a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment to explore your thoughts, feelings or behaviors.

I've never seen a counsellor before, what should I expect?
During your first conversation you will be invited to share your concerns and hopes for visiting Laurel. She will discuss with you potential ways forward and how you may work together. She always welcomes your questions. It is very normal to feel anxious when you start something new. Making that first contact takes great courage.

What if I have a problem I don't seem able to solve?
Sometimes when you've worked so hard and tried so many things it may seem like your problem is unsolvable. Counselling will frequently provide a new perspective and new tools to approach the problems in new ways.

Is counselling confidential?
It is essential that you feel safe to share your concerns and trust your counsellor. During your first visit, Laurel will provide you with an "Informed Consent" that will carefully address any confidentiality considerations you may have. Effectively, all that you discuss remains confidential with the following exceptions that are legally required:
  • Information reporting of imminent harm to self or another person
  • Information regarding harm (emotional, physical or sexual) to a minor
  • In the case of information required under Court Order
Similarly, if you wish Laurel to communicate with anyone she will never do so without your written consent beforehand.

Do you provide an initial free consultation?
Yes. Laurel is pleased to provide a 15-minute phone consultation to give you a sense of how we may relate and work together. It is important to Laurel that you feel comfortable and questions during this call or at any time are welcome.

What are your rates?
As a member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) Laurel follows the rate guidelines that are offered by this licensing body:
  • Individual Counselling: $110 per 60-minute session
  • Online Counselling: $90 per 60 minute session
  • Group Counselling: $40 per session (90 - 120 minutes)
Laurel feels strongly that counselling services should be accessible for all and does reserve a limited number of sessions for clients to pay using a sliding scale.

Payments may be made with cash, cheque or PayPal.

What hours and days do you book appointments?
Appointments are available most weekdays, during the day and early evenings. Weekend appointments may be available under unique circumstances.

Convenient lunch hour appointments are available for those working in the South Granville area.

Will my insurance cover my visits?
You may find that your employer provides as a benefit, insurance coverage for your visits to a counsellor. In order to determine what may be included, it is suggested that you contact your Human Resources department and ask the following questions -
  • What are my mental health benefits?
  • What does the coverage provide?
  • Who may I visit?
You are welcome to contact Laurel for any clarification or assistance that may help to facilitate your receiving these benefits.